Prostores to Bigcommerce Migration

Bigcommercexperts team has extensive experience in moving the design from Prostores to bigcommerce. We have expertise on both Prostores and bigcommerce platforms which makes design migration a smooth process.

Prostores has old fashioned design and generally prostore design lack modern look except few exceptions. While making a move to bigcommerce we try to make your store look more modern and make it  more user friendly.  Prostores will be discontinued by the eBay very soon. So, the best new home for prostores will be bigcommerce.

Our team focuses more on making this move profitable for your business and store.We don’t  just move the design as is. We make it look like a complete redesign and make over to make your store a better place to shop.

Key activities we perform to make Migration from Prostores to Bigcommerce:

  1. Design migration and performance optimization
  2. Product and customer data migration
  3. Pages and content migration
  4. Baisc SEO Setup
  5. Url redirect to keep your previous google rankings and cached pages
  6. Cross Browser Testing
  7. User Acceptance Testing

We provide complete end to end service and get live in no time. Our prices are also very reasonable. Please mail us at for more information.