MagentoGo to Bigcommerce Migration Services

The announcement of MagentoGo going down has come as surprise for lot of store owners running their stores on this platform. If you are also worried about your store. We have solution for you.

As per recommendation from magentogo bigcommerce is going to be new home for these stores. We have recently done some migrations from magentogo to bigcommerce successfully.

The steps we follow to complete migration :

  1. Review of the existing website
  2. Product Migration
  3. Customer Data Migration
  4. Design as per specification or current store design
  5. Design Enhancement
  6. SEO Setup
  7. 301 redirect for keeping your current seo rankings
  8. Cross browser Testing
  9. User Acceptance Testing
  10. Switching the store live

Please feel free call us on toll free 1-866-355-3113 or mail at

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