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How to Migrate from Prostores to Bigcommerce?

Prostores old Saas based platform from ebay which is going to be shut down very soon.If you also have a store on prostores and worried about it. We have a solution for you. First thing you don’t need to be upset about prostores being shut down because there were no updates being made to this platform for long time. Probably you already thinking about a switch since other more powerful platforms like bigcommerce are available at same rate. Let me tell you how we will help you complete the migration:

  1. Review of the existing website and enhancements that you want
  2. Data Migration(Migration of products and customers)
  3. Design Migration(Depending upon your desire we may design a new store with modern look for you or recreate same one in bigcommerce format)
  4. Transfer content pages
  5. Transfer all meta tags and seo setup
  6. Create 301 redirect to keep existing caches pages as is so that you don’t loose seo effort on previous platform
  7. Shipping and payment setup
  8. Setting up transaction emails
  9. Complete cross browser testing
  10. User Acceptance Testing
  11. Store Switch to new bigcommerce platform

Please feel free to call us on toll free number 1-8663553113 or mail us at

Prostores to Bigcommerce Migration Starting as low as $400

Bigcommercexperts have decide to provide cheapest migration to bigcommerce for prostores owners. This is an exceptional deal in itself.  We will not just do the migration but also give you alot more better store than you used you have.

This is going to be a responsive store with whole lot of features. We will help you get back to normal business in no time.

Please feel free to call us on toll free number 1-8663553113 or mail us at

Migrate Design from Prostores to Bigcommerce

Migrating design from prostores to bigcommerce has never been so affordable and easy. We have come up with a great plan to do the move over from prostores to bigcommerce in starting from $400. We will not just do the design migration. It will also include data migration.

Features We provide:

  1. Data Migration
  2. Design Migration
  3. Design Improvement
  4. SEO Setup
  5. 301 Redirect to keep up with your seo work done already

Please feel free to call us on toll free number 1-8663553113 or mail us at

Prostores Data Migration to Bigcommerce

Prostores products data, cms page and customer data can easily  moved to bigcommerce. It can be done using very intuitive csv import function provided by bigcommerce.

We have recently helped several prostores owners to migrate to bigcommerce very smoothly. We try to make the process as smooth as possible. We also create setup so that you have to loose any of the seo work done already. We use seo redirects to give you same url structure so that pages still rank well with google.

If you have a prostore setup and you wish to move to bigcommece but not sure how the process will flow. Please feel free to call us on toll free number 1-8663553113 or mail us at

Magento Go and Prostores to be Shut down by eBay

eBay Inc has decided to shut down Magento Go a hosted Saas based eCommerce platform. Magento Go was targeting small and  medium size business owners. It was not able to do as good as other competitors in the area like bigcommerce and shopify. Magento Go couldn`t catch the market as expected by eBay.

eBay is also shutting down its old hosted platform named Prostores. They tried to move their customer on this platform to Magento Go but that attempt did go very well. Most of the customers on this platform has already moved or they are planning to move.

eBay has choosen bigcommerce as new home for their Magento Go store owners.We as experts on bigcommerce and official partner are very excited on this part.

If you need advice on migration to bigcommerce from  your current magentoGo or prostores store. Please mail us at for information