Bigcommerce Mobile App gives you tool for Better Customer Satisfaction

 Customer service is the key to any online store today as it makes your store different from other stores if you provide better customer service. Consumer studies have shown that satisfied customers are six times more likely to repurchase. Acquiring a new customer is always more expensive that retaining the existing one.

Consumers are hesitant to purchase online because they don’t get the stuff instantly    — and that means getting orders out fast is the perfect way to distinguish your business. In general terms your customer service is rated on the basis of how fast you deliver products.

So there’s a huge opportunity to be gained by shipping orders faster. But how is Bigcommerce helping you do that?

Mobile control panel launch by Bigcommerce

Now you can save time and improve your customer service by managing orders, customers and products on the go through our new mobile app, available for Apple devices on iTunes and for Android devices on Google Play.

A lot of clients have asked us for this feature, and it’s no wonder; U.S. consumers spend 127 minutes per day using mobile apps. As an extension of the desktop control panel, the mobile control panel lets you work the way you want, where you want. Whether you’re at the office, in the warehouse or on the beach, you’ll have everything you need to ship orders fast — that means you’ll have happy customers who will come back to buy from you.

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